Utility Grid Connected Power

Grid connected power refers to short-term storage for utility-scale energy producers. Axion's principal focus is short-term storage for renewable energy such as wind and solar power.

The rapid recharge and deep discharge capacity of our PbC® battery are well suited for intermittent power sources like wind and solar. When coupled with our ability to deliver longer cycle lives with minimal maintenance, we believe grid connected systems based on our PbC® technology will be able to offer a greater total number of useful cycles lives. If battery cost per charge/discharge cycle is low enough, peak shaving and grid buffering for traditional utilities may also be cost effective.

Axion has also developed the PowerCubeTM.   The PowerCubeTM is a highly mobile energy storage system that can be configured to deliver up to 1 MW of power for 30 minutes or 100 KW of power for 10 hours.

Design Features of Axion's PbC® Technology


Rapid Recharge

PbC® technology is well suited to capture the intermittent power generated by renewable energy producers resulting in improved performance, productivity, reliability and profitability.

Heavy-duty Design

PbC® batteries for renewable energy will be designed and built for maximum energy storage and very long useful lives.

Minimal Maintenance

Axion's PbC® battery is a sealed unit and requires virtually no maintenance resulting in low operating costs.


Our new PbC® battery can be recycled in existing lead acid battery recycling facilities. This allows the lead, plastic, and acid to be reused in new PbC® Batteries.


PbC® batteries have been designed to be manufactured in any of the dozens of existing lead acid battery facilities in the US as well as the hundreds of others world wide. This eliminates the need for hundreds of millions of dollars in capital to build new advanced battery facilities in the US that do not currently exist. Since existing equipment will be utilized new investments will not be required to manufacture our products.


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