WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO - July 19, 2005 - Axion Power International, Inc. (OTCBB:AXPW) announced today that it has entered into a preliminary alliance agreement with Hybridyne Power Systems Canada Inc., a corporation specializing in distributed architecture, renewable (wind, solar and other dynamic sources) energy systems. The agreement outlines the parameters of a demonstration program that will test the performance of Axion's lead-carbon hybrid battery-supercapacitor e3 Supercell with Hybridyne's systems. The demonstration program will consist of at least five demonstration sites supervised by Hybridyne beginning in June 2006 and concluding at the end of the same year.

After a thorough review of Axion's e3 Supercell technology, Hybridyne has agreed to invest in the necessary power electronics and control system modifications to their system to accommodate the increased power handling and energy characteristics of Axion's e3 Supercell. Commenting on the agreement, Thomas Cleland, chief executive officer of Hybridyne, said, "We currently use premium high-cycle-life lead-acid and Gel batteries in our systems and discharge them to only 20% of their rated capacity to achieve acceptable system life spans. The Axion e3 Supercells are very appealing to us because they are designed to be discharged to 90% and still offer over 4000 cycles; this ultimately means the energy storage component of our system can be smaller, less expensive and potentially last for the entire 20 year life of our equipment. In addition, Axion's device recharges faster allowing us to capture energy more quickly from the wind, solar and other dynamic power sources used in our designs."

Under the terms of the agreement, Hybridyne will work with Axion to promote the sale of their system using the e3 Supercell energy storage system to end-users. Charles Mazzacato, president and chief operating officer of Axion, said, "We are excited to work with Hybridyne in demonstrating the performance of our e3 Supercells for use in their renewable energy systems. Hybridyne is a dynamic company changing the way the world views alternate energy generation and storage."

Commenting further, Thomas Granville, chief executive officer of Axion, stated, "This is the first of several important strategic alliances that Axion is finalizing. The project site units, manufactured for our strategic alliance partners, will prove the viability of the e3 Supercell in various energy storage applications. In addition, commercial revenues will result from e3 Supercell product sales into each of these projects."

About Hybridyne Power Systems Canada Inc.

Hybridyne Power Systems Canada Inc. specializes in the international sales and "turn-key" installation of its proprietary hybrid, integrated (wind, solar and other dynamic source) renewable energy systems. The Hybridyne System allows commercial and industrial customers to generate some or all of their own low-cost electricity, giving them significant financial savings and energy inflation protection, while freeing them from the concerns of possible blackouts, brownouts and other power problems, with a large-scale, facility-wide power conditioning system.

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Axion is developing advanced energy storage devices that it refers to as e3 Supercells. Axion's e3 Supercells replace the lead-based negative electrodes found in conventional lead-acid batteries with nanoporous carbon electrodes. The result is a new class of hybrid energy storage devices that offer a unique combination of battery and supercapacitor performance characteristics. Axion believes its e3 Supercells may offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional lead-acid batteries that will:


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