Axion Pioneers New Grid Storage
Revenue Stream

PowerCubeenters profitable frequency regulation market

• Axion alliance with Viridity sets new grid business model

• Modularity means concept is scalable and easily duplicated

Frequency regulation — the ability to fine-tune the transmission load on a grid — looks set to be the next area for the energy storage world to explore. In November, Axion Power International, developers of an advanced lead carbon battery, set an industry first by providing frequency regulation, demand response and the mechanism for other services to PJM Interconnect, the largest of nine regional grid systems operators in the US.


Although other battery and energy storage firms have made moves to tap into the sector — A123 Systems, Beacon, Altairnano, for example — what made this a first was that the services were provided by Axion’s PowerCube technology behind the meter.


The design will allow Axion to act as a bi-directional energy asset and earn itself revenue in the process. For example, when the PowerCube receives a so-called “curtailment signal” from PJM Axion’s factory reduces power intake from the grid and switches to PowerCube power to run the plant.
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