Solar, Batteries, Coal Gas, and Biofuel: Investment Opportunities
Wednesday, 09 July 2008
NEW YORK, July 3, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Investors looking for exposure to the greener and more sustainable power technologies of tomorrow should find plenty of fresh ideas in Wall Street Reporter's recent exclusive video interviews with top management from Linc Energy Ltd. (OTC BB:LNCGY.OB - News), Axion Power International Inc. (OTC BB:AXPW.OB - News), SolarCity, and Comanche Clean Energy Corp.

All four interviews, conducted at the fourth annual Merriman Curhan Ford & Co. CleanTech Conference in New York City, are available at, along with hundreds of other audio and video conversations with CEOs, money managers, and investment pundits.

Australia's Linc Energy Ltd. (OTC BB:LNCGY.OB - News) is converting stranded coal resources to ultra-clean and ``very, very cost-effective'' liquid fuels, explains CEO Peter Bond. In the long term, production could climb to a half million barrels per day of oil equivalent, he says, ``and we can do it for $28 a barrel.''

Highlights include:

 - An overview of how the company's underground coal gasification (UCG)
   process works, along with a sense of its ultimate market potential.

 - Some detail on plans to "cookie-cutter" an initial Queensland
   facility to other locations in Australia, North America, and

Axion Power International (OTC BB:AXPW.OB - News) has developed a unique lead acid battery technology that incorporates negative activated carbon to support longer life and faster recharge. CEO Thomas Granville tells WSR that as the company moves from prototype to mass production, wind and solar applications are obvious.

Highlights include:

 - The company's proposition of selling its system to other battery
   makers. "Our product inserted in their batteries will make their
   batteries better."

 - More detail on how the technology competes with nickel and
   lithium power storage at a fraction of the cost.

Privately held SolarCity is the leading residential solar installation company in California, and VP of Consumer Finance David Arfin tells WSR that the best may be yet to come for the company's integrated design-to-financing model. ``We make it a very easy busying experience for the customer who wants to go solar.''

Highlights of the interview:

 - An overview of the company's innovative long-term solar leasing
   program and how it's helped drive revenue to $29 million.

 - How retail adoption of solar technology continues to expand as
   demand for renewable power explodes.

Also privately held, Comanche Clean Energy Corp. is gearing up to become one of the biggest and cleanest biofuel manufacturers in the burgeoning Brazilian market. According to Thomas Cauchois, the company's chairman, ``Our business proposition is relatively simple. We're focused on using best practices in agriculture and best practices in industry to become one of the most competitive players.''

Highlights of the interview:

 - Information about how the company's efforts to streamline its
   technology and supply chain have already driven its ethanol costs
   down to $1.10 a gallon.

 - Management's plans to triple ethanol capacity while cutting costs
   another 15% over the next few years.

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About Linc Energy Ltd.

Linc Energy is Australia's leader in clean coal technology. The company has commenced work on bringing together two proven production processes known as Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) clean coal technology and Coal To Liquids (CTL). These processes have the potential to economically convert Queensland's vast ``stranded'' coal deposits into ultra-clean liquid fuels.

About Axion Power International Inc.

Axion is a Delaware corporation with a research and development operating subsidiary in New Castle, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh. Axion is developing advanced batteries and an energy storage product based on patented lead carbon battery technology. Conventional lead-acid batteries use negative electrodes made of sponge lead pasted onto a lead grid current collector.

About SolarCity

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Calif., SolarCity matches advanced solar power technology with a suite of installation services. The company's comprehensive offering removes the technical, regulatory, and financing barriers to solar power, helping customers make smart renewable energy choices that can save money.

About Comanche Clean Energy Corp.

Comanche is a company committed to the production of renewable fuels in Brazil for domestic sale and exportation. We are a multinational company, started by Americans who are highly experienced in the international capital markets and in emerging economies, especially Brazil together with Brazilians who are well known in the domestic ethanol and fuels industry.


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