We love saving money, convenience, and clean, green energy.

We also love tech and gadgets.

At the crossroads of these two loves lies an important, growing, and sometimes forgotten about industry: consumer solar technology products.

In many cases, solar powered products are better, more convenient, and more cost-effective than their typical wall plug-in competitors.

They save you a few bucks each month in electricity, and also help to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

What’s not to love?

I spent over 2 years consulting deeply with an electricity project in Alberta, Canada, and the project opened up my eyes to just how difficult, confusing, and opaque the electricity industry is.

If I was still stumped on most major issues after 2+ years of detailed work and study, how on earth was the average working person supposed to know what was going on?

The politics between the alternative energy industry and the traditional energy industry make things all the more complicated!

Axion Power was born out of a desire to see more people choose solar-powered products by finding and reviewing the best products that not only run on the sun, but actually work.

That’s a problem with some alternative energy products…

They just don’t work well compared to the conventional alternative, or they’re way too expensive to justify purchasing.

So in order to get solar power into the hands of more people around the world, we started this site.

We’ll be reviewing and rating all the best solar powered products out there, from generators to mobile power banks, lights, gate openers, and more.

Our reviews are all backed by data. That means we look at how solar works, what makes a product work and perform, and then give you the most relevant information.

We don’t just regurgitate the product details you’ll find on Amazon like many of the other sites out there.

Whether you’re looking for reviews of the best products to spend your hard earned money on, or you want to learn a bit more about solar and wind power, Axion Power is your expert solution.


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Aaron Hardy, Editor, Axion Power

Note: AxionPower.com originally appeared online as EcoPowerUp.com