Our Innovative Products

Axion Power brings you a variety of cutting-edge and customizable energy storage solutions. With products for the do-it-yourselfer to enterprise level solutions for military, automotive solar and more, our products are powering energy innovation. 

  • Power Cube

  • Our highly customizable PbCⓇ Battery energy storage system, delivers dispatchable power for many applications.
  • Residential DIY Renewable Lighting Kit

  • A reliable, long lasting, durable, do-it-yourself lighting kit to lights the way in green energy.
  • Off-Grid Lighting & Small Remote Power

  • By combining solar panels with our PbCⓇ Batteries we offer a cost effective, green, outdoor energy solution.
  • Residential Energy Storage

  • A powerful residential system harnessing our innovative technology to provide better, greener energy storage solutions.
  • Military Applications

  • As the U.S. Armed Forces strives to reduce energy consumption, maximize green practices and become energy independent, we offer helpful solutions.
  • Automotive

  • Our technology has the unique characteristics to improve existing low emisions hybrid vehicles.