Our Technology A Better Battery

Battery Overview

What Makes the PbCⓇ Battery Different?

Our patented PbC® battery is a hybrid that uses the standard lead acid battery positive electrode with a supercapacitor negative electrode made of activated carbon.

The specific type of activated carbon we use has an extremely high surface area and has been specifically formulated by Axion Power for use in electrochemical applications. During charge and discharge, the positive electrode undergoes the same chemical reaction that occurs in a conventional lead acid battery. (i.e.: lead dioxide reacts with acid and sulphate ions to form lead sulphate and water)

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However, in the PbC® battery, we replace the lead negative electrode with an activated carbon electrode that does not undergo a chemical reaction at all. Instead, the high-surface-area, activated carbon electrode stores the protons (H+) from the acid in a layer on the surface of the electrode.

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What Makes Us Better

The Axion Power PbC® Battery is a powerful battery designed to bring electric innovation to your energy needs. Our battery has:

  • Rapid Recharge​The PbCⓇ Battery charges quickly and provides greater charge acceptance allowing for improved performance,increasing productivity and reliability.
  • Long Cycle LifeOur batteries are designed and built to provide a long cycle life which increases overall usefulness in various applications.
  • Minimal MaintenancePbC® batteries are based on AGM sealed non spillable technology, requiring virtually no maintenance resulting in low operating costs and improved safety.

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  • Environmentally ResponsibleOur PbC® Batteries use less lead than traditional lead-acid batteries and are nearly 100% recyclable.
  • String StabilizationWhen strung together and working as a team, PbCⓇ Batteries self-equalize without the need of equalization charges or complex management systems.
  • ManufacturabilityBased on the existing lead-acid platform, our batteries are designed for worldwide manufacturing and can be incorporated into existing facilities

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Our Battery VS Lithium Ion

PbC® batteries have the following performance advantages when compared to lithium ion technologies:

  • Faster recharge rates in partial state of charge applications
  • Optimized string stability: batteries self-equalize, eliminating the need for complex, costly battery management equipment
  • Significantly better safety record: based on proven reliability of lead acid with over 100 years in service
  • Significantly better extreme temperature performance: low thermal risk, no need for liquid cooling
  • Similar cycle life at 100% depth-of-discharge (2500-3000 cycles)
  • Cost effective: nearly 100% recyclable, known end of life value, no disposal cost

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