When looking at solar panels there are many different kinds. These kinds vary in brand, wattage, usage, ability, power, size, etc. This makes finding the right one for your individual needs may be difficult but there are ways to figure it out. 

For those that are looking to replace their entire energy bill with solar power and solar panels this may not be the article for you.

This is an article more for those who are very curious about the power of solar panels or looking to get some just as an added advantage. Powering your entire home with solar panels will take much more than 100 watts. 

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What are Watts?

Watts are the SI unit of power. This unit of power is referring to electricity and the electrical circuits inside of the mechanism. The higher the number of watts in a lightbulb means the brighter it will be. The number of watts in a solar panel means the more electricity it will be able to produce. 

Watts is equal to volts multiplied by amps. This will help you figure out what wattage you need for whatever you are trying to do with your solar panels. 

Average Solar Panel Wattage 

Just like there are averages for resolution, light, etc. there are averages for solar panels. The most widely used and most suggested solar panel wattage is 250. With this amount of wattage, the solar panel is able to be the most efficient and keep working for longer periods of time. 

Many people also like to use the 350 watt solar panels. That way they need less to produce the same amount of energy. However, since every solar panel is created differently it doesn’t always work out this way. Some are much less efficient than others. 

100 Watt Solar Panels

Solar panels that are 100 watts are readily available on places such as Amazon. This makes a lot of people wonder what they can exactly do. Is it worth the money? Will it actually help and be able to help me save some energy?

These generally come in kits that will help you to set them up and maintain them. Many people like to bring them camping or use them when outdoors so that there is some electricity available, even in the middle of nowhere. 

This is something that could save your life if you were in a survival situation. Therefore, for how affordable it is it is never a bad idea to purchase one and keep it in your car or some other area you may need it. 

Remember, a 100-watt solar panel is going to be much smaller than a 250 or 350-watt solar panel. These solar panels are generally 2 feet long and 47 inches wide. This can give you an approximation of where you would be able to fit it and where you wouldn’t

These solar panels, dependent on the brand and efficiency can cost under $100 or over $400. This is why it is a necessity to do your research before attempting to purchase one since you may end up with something that doesn’t work for you. 

Uses for It

Since the wattage is much lower than standard solar panels and the size is much smaller it will not be able to power nearly as much as standard ones. These are solar panels used for camping, emergencies, or just small things. These will not be able to replace your electricity bill. 

There are many factors that can come into play when trying to figure out exactly what a 100-watt solar panel will be able to power. Something as small as the kind of charger you are using can come into play in a big way. 

This is because there is not always a constant stream of electricity coming through the solar panels. This stream of electricity depends on the weather, the area, time of day, etc. it is not just always going. 

Generally, people turn to solar panels during camping or other things so that they can charge their devices. Luckily you are able to charge a computer, a phone, or have a Wi-Fi router plugged in and work. 

Here is a calculator that will help you to figure out other things that you may be able to run while using a 100-watt solar panel. There are large possibilities for a not so large solar panel.

It is essential to research before buying any wattage of solar panels so that you know what you are getting. Some can be harder to set up than others but 100 watt solar panels should generally be in a kit and be very small. 

If you are a camping lover, looking to start your way into solar power, or are just curious then it is worth checking out!

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