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6 Best Solar Deck Lights: Reviews, FAQs, and More

Whether you’re building a brand new deck, cleaning up the old one, or moving into a new house with a new-to-you deck, having the right lighting setup is really important for taking full advantage of that wonderful outdoor space you’ve got.

That means finding the right solar deck lights is going to be important for a low-maintenance, budget-friendly, eco-friendly space. But you don’t want to just grab the first thing you find online. You also don’t want to spend hours and hours trying to dig through the many, many options out there.

To help with that search, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you find the best lights and know why they’re the best.

Advantages of Solar Deck Lights

There are some great advantages to solar lighting that you may want to consider as you weigh and balance whether or not to get some solar powered deck lights.

They’re Affordable

Solar lighting used to be expensive, but thanks to the advances in science and manufacturing in recent years, just about anyone can afford solar powered appliances. Solar deck lights in particular are extremely affordable. The budget-friendly options are exceptionally affordable while still being durable and easily available.

They’re Eco-Friendly

A lot of the reason folks use solar powered devices is for the green energy benefits. They don’t require electric from the grid, they don’t require new batteries all the time, or new light bulbs.

They’re Safe For Kids and Pets

Whether you’ve got kids or rambunctious pets or not, solar energy products are safe for use just about anywhere. This makes them great for railings, steps, and more, where your family plays.

They’re Low to No Maintenance

Solar powered deck lights are virtually maintenance free. Basically, you just install them and check them every so often for cleaning – removing debris or snow – and that’s it. They continue working as long as they have sunlight.

They’re Versatile and Flexible

Solar lights don’t require cables and special equipment, so you can mount them just about anywhere that screws or double-sided adhesive works. This is actually one of the best things about solar lights. You can place them on stand alone posts, steps, trees, or anywhere that’s disconnected from the rest of the deck.

They Help You Save Money

Solar powered devices are not only great for the environment, but they’re great for your pocketbook as well. They don’t require you to plug them into the grid, so you don’t have to spend any money past the initial investment in the devices. They also don’t require maintenance or repairs, etc., just installation and go.

They last for a few years as well, so you don’t have to replace the bulbs or batteries for a while, too.

How to Choose the Best Solar Deck Lights

Before you hit that “buy” button, there are a few things to consider to make sure you’re getting the best set of solar deck lights for your home.

Know Why You’re Getting the Solar Powered Lights

There are a ton of different types of outdoor solar lights. If you’re looking to enjoy your deck or patio after dark, deck lights are a great way to make that possible. Solar lights, however, are a better way to do this thanks to the easy installation, near-zero maintenance, and the energy saving, eco-friendly aspects of solar power.

There are several kinds of deck lights out there, though, so be sure to understand where you’d like to place them and how you want to use them in your yard. Some are for railings, some for posts, some for post tops, and some for steps.

Decide How Many Lights You’ll Need

There are a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind to decide how many lights you’ll need.

First, you need to decide how bright you want the lights to be. Are you thinking more ambiance lighting or bright enough lights to clearly light the path and space around the deck? Are you going to use step, railing, post, or post top lights?

When you shop for the lights themselves, you’ll also need to understand how bright the lights are to decide how many lights you’ll need. Ambient lights, of course, require fewer, but depending on the size of your deck and how far you want them spaced out, you may still need a large number.

Ideally, pace out the deck (or step out there and take a look) and measure out how many lights you’ll need.

Decide What Color and Brightness You’d Like

Brightness levels vary from light to light, so be sure to check the light rating from both the manufacturer and individual reviewers for an accurate understanding.

As for colors, there are about four color options usually available for the best solar deck lights:

·         Warm white/yellow – best for ambient lights

·         Bright/cool white – best for bright lighting like pathway lights, etc.

·         Blue – great for pool decks and boat docks

·         Multi-color/color-changing – Great for parties and fun ambiance

How Long Do the Lights Take to Charge?

Most of the best solar deck lights will charge within six to eight hours (a normal day’s light hours) for a full charge. Some will charge even sooner in higher light climates. In lower light climates, many will fully charge at eight to ten hours.

How Long Do the Lights Stay Lit?

Not all solar lights are created equal. Some will only stay lit for a few hours – which for a casual evening on the deck could be enough – but many times we need ones that will stay lit for several hours. The most accurate understanding of lit times for deck lights will be real-life reviews from consumers.

How Durable are They?

High quality plastics and aluminum alloy will be your best bet for durability on these lights. In most cases, the aluminum alloy lights are the most weatherproof.

What Settings Do You Want?

Deck lighting usually has a few different setting options, including always on (dusk to dawn), security, color-changing, or power savings.

Helpful and Fun Ways to Use Your Solar Deck Lights

If you like the idea of outdoor solar lights for your deck but you’re not quite sure how you’d best make use of them, there are a bunch of different ways to mount them and enjoy them in pretty much any setup. These ideas might help you decide which types/styles of deck lighting to get, too, so keep them in mind as you shop. You never know what will spark your imagination.

Accent Lights for the Deck

The most obvious for anyone looking for some comfortable ambiance is simply using your solar deck lights as accent lights. They’re always nice to have, offering you and your family and guests some cozy atmosphere without the danger of candles or a firepit.

You can choose one of the colorful options or a warm white or yellow light to give that feeling of a torch or candle without the inconvenience of matches or the safety concerns with little kids or pets roaming around open flames.

Solar Step Lights

If your deck is built up with some steps, you may want to add some of the solar lights placed on the steps. Placed here, the lights can help you avoid stubbing your toes or guide your path more clearly than most any other placement for lights.

Placed on the steps, the lights can be more discreet, as well, which can be nice in some settings, especially if you’re also planning to add some ambient lighting options.

Deck Rail Lights

Deck rail lights can be another great way to use your solar lights. They can add some clarity for walking paths, some ambiance for the deck overall, or, if they’re bright enough, so solid lighting all around the deck. Some solar deck lights are mounted on the posts while others are designed to mount to the railing itself.

Decorative Lights

You may be more interested in keeping your space lit well, but solar deck lights can also be decorative and really add a lot of fun atmosphere to your deck. Whether you go with warm white, cool white, or colored lights, there’s a lot of fun to be had with just a few touches of attractive deck lighting.

Many have the option for any of the colored light choices but can be switched over to color-changing vibrant colors for special occasions.

Blue Deck or Pool Deck Lights

If you’ve got a pool, blue deck lights might be a great option for your backyard. The blue reflects off the water and adds a unique atmosphere and brightness that can really add a lot of oomph to that outdoor setting.

Blue lights also tend to be very bright, so if you really need some brightness, you might want to mix the blue and cool white lights together on the deck.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Solar Lighting

While some things will vary depending on the type of solar powered deck lights you get, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most out of them.

Place the Light Where They’ll Get Enough Sunlight

While the best solar lights don’t require absolute direct sunlight, they do need to be placed where the solar panels will get a good amount of sunlight each day. This means avoid placing them in the shade – whether that’s a bush or overhang of the roof – and ensure they’ll be in a location that will at least get basic daylight exposure for most of the day.

This balance of positioning them where you need the lights and where they’ll get the most light exposure can be challenging, but take the time and do the work to make it happen, and you’ll definitely be more satisfied with your solar powered deck lights in the long run.

Place the Lights Where They’ll Be Most Beneficial

You can mount your deck lights in a number of locations to get the most out of your lighting. You can mount them on your walls, the posts of your fence, the railings (top, bottom, or side), on the steps themselves or on the rails against the steps, tops of deck posts, or even on trees near the deck to raise the light higher than your railings or posts.

Clean the Solar Panels a Few Times A Year

Though they really don’t require much maintenance, the one thing you will need to do consistently is clear off the solar panels on the deck lights at least a few times a year. This is especially true if you get a lot of snow that sticks, the lights are placed where leaves or dirt get on them, etc. Keeping the panels clear will keep them efficient and charging, giving you the most light possible for the lifetime of the solar deck lights.

Best Solar Deck Lights Reviews

Now, to the good stuff: which lights receive the top ratings and why. Here’s our roundup of the best solar decking light options available right now.

Best Overall Deck Lights: Aootek Solar Deck Lights

·         Easy installation just about anywhere

·         Intelligent features for the most versatility and benefits without breaking the bank

·         Bright lights to keep pathways and relaxation spaces clear and well-lit

Aootek is a well-trusted Chinese manufacturer of solar LED lighting products. It’s also one of the most well-trusted, leading brands in the space, making it an easy choice for reviews and accessibility. The Aootek Solar Deck Lights are high-quality, energy-efficient lights that are bright enough to do something while not costing you a fortune.

·         Number of lights in pack: 4

·         IP Rating: IP65

·         Color: bright white

·         Stays lit: up to 10 hours

·         Charge time: 6-8 hours

·         Special features: Heatproof, security light mode with two other modes

What We Loved

The Aootek deck lights are a truly great option for anyone looking for a high-quality solar light. They come in a 4-pack, meaning you don’t have to buy tons of packs.

The lights offer three lighting modes, which we absolutely love. You can choose security/motion sensing, always on (from dusk to dawn), or smart brightness, which is always on but is brighter when the lights detect motion within an 8-foot radius.

The lights are both waterproof and heatproof, meaning they’re great for warmer climates which also tend to be wetter climates because of that subtropical/tropical feel.

They’re also long-lasting, durable lights made to last.

The lights have a wide-angle of illumination, meaning you don’t need as many of the lights, either, which is absolutely fantastic.

Finally, the lights come with premium LED light bulbs and wide solar panels, making them even more energy conserving than most solar deck lights.

What We Didn’t Love

The only thing we’re not in love with on these is the mode switch location. It’s on the back panel of the unit, meaning once the lights are mounted, you’d have to dismount them to switch modes.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a great deck light, the Aootek deck lights are your best go-to. They’re highly versatile with three lights modes, bright and energy efficient, have a wide light angle, and are durable. The only negative is if you want to change up the light mode often, you’ll have to skip mounting them with screws or be prepared to get out the power driver frequently to switch that back panel mode.

Runnerup: Othway Solar Fence Post Lights

A good runnerup for these lights from Aootek is the Othway lights. They’re easy to mount, made from high-quality materials, have tons of great ratings, and are pretty bright. The don’t have as many features as the Aootek, though.

Best Disk Deck Lights: Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights

·         Versatile mounting options for convenience

·         Durable frame and high-quality manufacture

·         Short charging time for lower-light climates

For those looking for a lot of versatility, the Siedinlar Deck Lights are a really great option. They mount just about anywhere you could want them to go, charge quickly, and last a long time thanks to their high-quality manufacture and durable materials.

·         Number of lights in pack: 4

·         IP Rating: IP68

·         Color: bright white

·         Stays lit: 8 to 12 hours

·         Charge time: 6 hours

·         Special features: N/A

What We Loved

First off, these have an exceptionally IP rating, meaning they’re about the most weatherproof option out there. At IP68, they’re virtually capable of handling any weather, even beyond the usual high-grade options. This makes them great for stormy climates, tropical climates, and places that receive a lot of snow.

These lights are made of aluminum alloy, making them exceptionally durable (also helps the IP rating!) and therefore great for practically any outdoor surface. They’re perfect for mounting on pathways on your deck steps, railings, or just about any other surface that will receive screws.

Their neutral aesthetic also make them appealing, since they blend in fairly well in almost any environment.

They don’t require a long time to charge, meaning they work in lower light climates better than many other options. They also stay lit for up to 12 hours.

What We Didn’t Love

There are only two potential issues with these lights. The first is that they are a bit more expensive than other options. They’re really high quality, though, so they make up for this in value. The second is that they may yellow a bit after prolonged exposure to the sun, which makes them a little less attractive after a long time.

Our Verdict

Overall, these are a great option for anyone needing deck lights in “kickable” places or other locations that will receive rough handling. They’re long lasting, super durable, and extremely weatherproof, including heat proof. This means they work in just about any climate for effective lighting. You will pay a little more for their higher quality, though.

Best Blue Deck Lights: JIGUOOR Solar Deck Lights

·         Extremely waterproof, great for decks and docks

·         Made with premium aluminum alloy

·         Incredibly easy to install

For those looking for something a little different in deck lighting, these blue lights from Jiguoor are a great, bright option that are highly weatherproof and easy to install. They’re versatile in many ways, and give off a bright blue light that helps guide your path or add a unique ambience to the backyard lighting scheme.

·         Number of lights in pack: 1

·         IP Rating: IP68

·         Color: blue

·         Stays lit: up to hours

·         Charge time: 10 hours

·         Special features: N/A

What We Loved

First off, we absolutely love the color on these lights. They’re a bit distinct from the rest of the lights out there and make for a great addition to any deck, including and especially a deck surrounding a pool.

They make it easy to navigate your way around the deck thanks to their brightness, too, despite not having as many LED bulbs as other models.

The lights are made with aluminum alloy making them both extremely durable and extremely waterproof and heat-resistant. They’re also rust-resistant, so perfect for use around water and in rainy climates.

The lights automatically turn off at dawn and turn on at dusk.

What We Didn’t Love

There are a couple of very minor things that not everyone will love about these lights. First, they don’t blend into the environment very well due to the color. They’re also rather lightweight so definitely need to be permanently mounted to keep them in place. Finally, they only offer blue light, so you can’t change them to a white or yellow light.

Our Verdict

These are an absolutely great option for use around water, whether that’s a dock or a pool deck. They’re bright and vivid, making your path easy to follow after dark. They stay lit all night and last a long time. So, they’re an all around great option for anyone open to blue lighting.

Best Railing Lights: Phereu Solar Lights for Deck

·         High-quality at budget-friendly prices

·         Designed for mounting on handrails

·         Blend in beautifully with many natural wood stains

The Phereu solar deck lights are a great option for anyone with a deck that has a railing. They’re designed specifically to mount on handrails to help light the way at eye level. They also mount at the edge of steps for lighting there, if need be.

·         Number of lights in pack: 16

·         IP Rating: Unknown

·         Color: warm white

·         Stays lit: 8-12 hours, when fully charged

·         Charge time: 5-6 hours

·         Special features: N/A

What We Loved

First off, we love the price on these little lights. They come in a pack of 16, making them a great bargain, especially for anyone needing a lot of lights along the railing or steps of their deck.

We also love the mounting design made specifically for these situations. They blend fluidly into the setting, which is also really nice.

The lights are bright but not too bright and give both light bright enough to see but warm enough to really add to the ambience without taking away from the “mood.”

They’re easy to install and last a long time and charge quickly, while keeping lit all night. All in all, they’re a great light.

What We Didn’t Love

The only potential issue for these lights is that sometimes water gets trapped inside the units. They are waterproof, though, so they continue working. They just might have foggy light if the lights don’t get to dry out thoroughly.

Our Verdict

Overall, these are a great option for anyone wanting deck lights that blend seamlessly into their setup. They mount over the edge of railings or steps, they’re waterproof and they charge quickly. They’re great for most settings, though they will occasionally have foggy light is they can’t thoroughly dry out after a storm.

Best Decorative Deck Lights: Greluna Solar Deck Lights

·         Warm or cool white, or multicolored light settings to fit your mood/aesthetic

·         Absolutely beautiful lights for your deck

·         Easy to install and maintain

For those looking for solar deck lights with a little more aesthetic attraction, the Grenula solar deck lights are a great choice. The beautiful lights allow you to adjust from warm white light for ambiance to brighter, cool white light for a clear path, or multicolored lights for party time.

·         Number of lights in pack: 8

·         IP Rating: unknown

·         Color: warm or bright multi-colored lights

·         Stays lit: 8-10 hours

·         Charge time: 6 hours

·         Special features: Two light color modes

What We Loved

Obviously, we love the looks of these solar deck lights. The design feels like antique or vintage lights would have 50+ years ago, giving you a more elegant look than most solar deck lights.

We also love the dual light mode option, allowing you to change from a steady warm white light to cool white light, or switch over to bright, colorful changing lights.

The lights are built well, making them waterproof, heat-resistant, and frost-resistant, meaning you can use them in just about any climate.

They’re also easy to install with either screws or double-sided adhesive.

What We Didn’t Love

There are only two potential issues with these lights, though they’re definitely case-by-case “issues.” First, they’re only suitable for mounting on walls – no steps or railings here. Secondly, they’re incredibly bright, which means they’re mostly going to be effective for ambient lighting, rather than really lighting up the deck for all night use.

Our Verdict

If you want ambient, fun lights, these are the best choice. They’re easy to transition from warm ambient light to brighter cool white light or into vibrant, color changing mode for fun ambience. They’re beautiful, as well, making them a great option to add a little elegance out back. They’re not terribly bright, though, and can only be mounted on walls.

Runnerup: Sunface Solar Deck Lights

The second best solar deck light for ambience is probably the Sunface Solar Deck Lights. They’re also color-changing or warm white, they’re attractive, and they mount easily on walls, fences, or posts, with screws or double-sided adhesive strips.

Best Post Cap Lights: Davinci Lighting Solar Deck Lights

·         Attractive and mount easily on posts

·         Made by a well-trusted brand

·         Comes in three sizes

The Davinci post cap lights are a great option for decks with posts, allowing you to keep railings, steps, and footpaths clear. They’re exceptionally easy to mount and work on three different size posts.

·         Number of lights in pack: 1 or 2

·         IP Rating: IP44

·         Color: warm white light

·         Stays lit: 8-10 hours

·         Charge time: 6-8 hours

·         Special features: N/A

What We Loved

We love these lights from Davinci. They’re really well built and work great for most post sizes. Plus, they come in a variety of styles ranging from the modest Flexfit post light to the Premium Post light that’s taller and even more attractive.

They come from a well-trusted brand that makes high-quality products we trust. They are UV-resistant and weatherproof and look absolutely beautiful, too.

Plus, they’re easy to mount on practically any post size (4”x4”, 5”x5”, or 6”x6” posts).

What We Didn’t Love

The only thing we don’t really love about these is that they are not terribly bright. So, if you’re looking to light up that deck with a lot of light, you’ll either have to shell out for multiple packs or you’ll have to choose a different light.

Our Verdict

These lights are really attractive, work on most post sizes, and are weatherproof and heat resistant. They’re easy to install and easy to maintain as well, though they aren’t incredibly bright. Overall, they’re a good option for anyone looking to free up foot space or rail space.

Runnerup: Garden Sunlight Copper Garden Lights

These post lights from Garden Sunlight are a close second for the solar post lights for deck lighting. They’re beautiful, they work well, and they’re built to last. They just didn’t receive as many high ratings as the Davinci lights, making them our second pick for this category.

Best Budget-Friendly Deck Lights: XTF Outdoor Solar Step Lights

·         Attractive copper aesthetics

·         Easy to mount

·         Two-in-one lighting options

For a budget-friendly take on the best solar deck lights, look to the XTF Outdoor Solar Step Lights. These beautiful little lights blend into most settings, produce a decent amount of light, and are super easy to install just about anywhere.

·         Number of lights in pack: 2

·         IP Rating: IP44

·         Color: warm white

·         Stays lit: 6-8 hours

·         Charge time: 4-5 hours

·         Special features: N/A

What We Loved

These nice little decorative lights are very budget-friendly and come in smaller packs so most folks can afford exactly how many they need.

The lights function as pathway lights or spot lights, which is great for different garden or deck needs.

The lights only require four or five hours to charge, which is super fast and really great for low light climates.

What We Didn’t Love

The only thing we don’t really love is that the lights don’t really have adjustability. They don’t dim and you can’t make them brighter “all the time,” so they’re not the best at conserving power.

Our Verdict

Overall, if you need a budget-friendly option in solar deck lights, these are a great little option. They’re decently bright, easy to mount, look good in most settings, and mount practically anywhere. They’re not very versatile otherwise, though, so may not be the ideal choice for some.

Other Runner Ups

There are a few other deck lights that didn’t have as high of ratings from real-life users, but are still pretty great, so if those listed above don’t quite fit what you’re looking for, one of them might.

·         Zookki Outdoor Lights – pack of 4, IP65, motion detection

·         Jackyled Solar Step Lights – pack of 8, comes in warm or cool white, green, blue, orange, or red colored lights

·         JSOT Solar Deck Lights – pack of 8, great solar panel angle for easier charging

·         iThird Solar Step Lights – pack of 4 or 12, fast charging time, long-lasting·         

·  XLUX Solar Deck Lights – pack of 2, 6, or 12, bright cool white light, easy install

·         F-Tek Stainless Steel Deck Lights – pack of 6 or 8, made of stainless steel, low self-discharging 600Mah 1.2V Ni-MH battery


How does outdoor solar lighting work?

Solar powered lights use photovoltaic cells (solar cells), which make up solar panels. The solar cells must be placed in direct or semi-direct sunlight. There they absorb the daylight and convert the solar energy into electrical energy that is transferred into the rechargeable batteries in the solar powered devices.

How do you take care of solar lights?

Solar lights mostly take care of themselves. You’ll need to install them where they receive enough light to convert into energy to power the devices and then check then for debris, snow, and dirt to keep the solar panels clear enough to absorb the energy.

Are solar deck lights waterproof and snow-proof?

The best solar deck lights will be waterproof and therefore snow-proof. They should have an IP rating of at 45, though ideally IP65 or higher, to make sure they’ll always work under watery weather conditions. Be sure that the lights aren’t positioned somewhere that they’ll wind up immersed, however, as weatherproof doesn’t actually mean immersible.

Is it important to have motion detection features for a deck light?

If you just intend to light the way along your deck or pathway, motion sensor lighting features aren’t necessary. They are a good feature for security issues, though, if you tend to have critters that raid your backyard or you’re concerned about two-legged intruders.

What are the most-trusted solar deck light brands?

There are a lot of well-trusted brands for solar deck lights. Gigalumi, Aootek, Davinci Lighting, Siedinlar, Sunface, Solmore, Greluna, and Othway are some of the best. There are many others, as well, with high ratings from hundreds or thousands of reviewers.

Do solar deck lights function when it snows?

Thankfully, yes, solar deck lights still work in the snow, assuming they’re weatherproof enough to handle the moisture. The one reason they might not work in snow is if the solar panel on the lights is covered with snow and can’t receive any sunlight to recharge the battery.

How to install solar deck lights?

The style of deck lighting you purchase will determine the type of installation you’ll be doing. Most require a few screws (and come with them) and a power driver to mount them in place. Others are placed on the tops of posts and may use other forms of installation than screws, though usually those are the go-to.

How do you care for and maintain solar lights?

They usually don’t require much in the way of maintenance, which is one of the benefits of solar lights. They do, however, need to be kept reasonably clean (i.e., remove debris and thick snow from them) to keep them lighting. Avoid immersing them in water, and place them where heavy objects aren’t likely to fall and crack them or feet won’t kick them frequently along a pathway.

How long do solar deck lights last?

This varies from product to product, but if the light is well-made, weatherproof, and maintained (i.e. not broken or completely neglected), they’ll typically last two to four years. Most LED light bulvs can produce 100,000 hours without needing replaced.

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