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Death and loss of a loved one are topics it can be difficult to discuss. These losses leave an emptiness in our hearts and in our lives that will never leave. Creating memorial works can help – artwork, hanging photos in an intentional pattern, or other things – and visiting the graves of those we’ve lost can bring some kind of feeling of connectedness.

One special way to celebrate the life of and remember those we’ve lost is through installing beautiful memorial lights on graves. These come in a variety of styles and designs, so finding one that reflects the personality, faith, and core values of your loved one is doable. And using memorial solar lights is the most environmentally friendly way to do this.

Best Solar Cemetery Memorial Lights Quick-Find Table

Image Product
  • Perfect for lighting planted graves
  • Easy to install
  • Simple and attractive
  • Perfect for lighting planted graves
  • Easy to install
  • Simple and attractive
  • Great for memorials in your home garden or at the graveside
  • Beautiful and bright
  • Long-lasting
  • Great for memorials in your home garden or at the graveside
  • Beautiful and bright
  • Long-lasting
  • Beautiful and vibrant
  • Easy to install and use
  • Perfect for eternal flowers for a grave
  • Beautiful and vibrant
  • Easy to install and use
  • Perfect for eternal flowers for a grave

Reviews of the Best Cemetery Solar Lights

Because solar cemetery vigil lights are important for the security and confidence, we need for our loves ones memorials, we wanted to offer a selection of the best solar lights for gravestones out there. Each one has been reviewed for quality of manufacture, and weatherproofing.


#1. Solar Cross Lights

solar cross lights for grave

For simple and lovely cross-shaped grave lights, the Solar Cross Lights from Solar Wholesale are a beautiful option. They use LED lights to light up brightly in the area without going overboard, are incredibly easy to install, and come highly recommended by many family members.

  • Material: Stainless steel, heavy-duty plastic
  • Light source: LED
  • Color: red, blue, green, yellow
  • Size: 4 x 6.8 inches, 36.5 inches with stake
  • Number in package: 3 staked lights with solar panels on stakes

What We Loved

We love how easy these lights are to install and use. The light and the solar panel are all on one stake, making them “plant and go” easy. You’ll need to follow the instructions and pull any battery tabs to activate but planting them into the ground is the only “installation” you’ll need to do.

We also love that they have colors that change on a cycle. They add a little warmth to the graveside.

They’re bright enough to be seen from 200+ feet, which we also love.

What We Didn’t Love

The only two consistent issues we saw with these is that they have to have enough direct daylight to keep shining through the night. So, though they’re great for planted graves, you will need to place them carefully so that the panels are not covered by leaves.

The second is that they have a switch that needs to be turned on before installation – otherwise you’ll find they don’t light up!

Our Verdict

These are a great, colorful, and warming way to show respect to your loved ones at the graveside. The light is bright enough to be seen from 200+ feet, the colors change on an automatic cycle, and they’re incredibly easy to install. Just be sure to place them in direct light to recharge during the day and make sure the switch is turned to “on” when you install.

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Cross Grave Lights Runners Up

Three other options stood out to us during our review:

  1. A simple, white cross that casts a warm glow is the Solar Lighted Cross Memorial Light for Grave. If your loved one was a Christian, this is would be a respectful, attractive option for showing that.
  2. The Amazing Grace Cross is a beautiful lighted cross option as well. It’s made of hand-painted polyresin and shines with a warm, comforting glow.
  3. Finally, the Hydrangea Solar Cross is a beautiful, simple alternative to the others, if you prefer multiple lights.
angel solar light for graveside

The Exhart Angel Solar Stake Light is a beautiful option for anyone who wants to memorialize someone with an angel solar light, whether at home or the graveside. It’s a bright, warm white angel that provides an inviting glow to reflect your wonderful memories of loved ones gone on.

  • Material: heavy-duty plastic, metal
  • Light source: 12 LEDs
  • Color:  white lights
  • Size: 4 x 34 inches, including stake
  • Number in package: 1

What We Loved

The looks are what took us in first. This beautiful angel is unique with her lighted wings and beautiful design. It’s an elegant, warm, inviting angel light that casts a warm glow down on the grave. Many shoppers commented on this feeling of serenity the angel gives.

We also love that this light is long-lasting and works well in any season, thanks to its weatherproofing.

We also love the height and size. It’s great for a small decoration at a graveside.

What We Didn’t Love

The main, consistent complaint beyond what appears to have been a batch of lemons, was that it’s smaller than some people expect it to be. Check the measurements to make sure it’s as large as you want to help avoid that issue.

Our Verdict

If you want an angel for your memorial, this is a beautiful option to cast a warm inviting glow while adding daytime beauty as well. The light will last for a good long while before the battery needs replaced, and it works well in any season. Just be sure you know how big you want your graveside light before purchasing, as this one is that very large.

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Runners Up

There were two other angel lights that we would recommend, even if they’re not the top choice. Mostly, the looks are what vary from option to option, but they’re all good quality and attractive.

  1. This 2-pack of color changing angels from GoLine is a wonderful option for anyone looking for a colorfully lit angel grave light.
  2. This beautiful frosted angel with fiber wings from Soloration is another colorfully lit, beautiful solar angel grave light option.

#3. Anpro Solar Rose Lights

solar rose lights for cemetery

If you or your loved one adores roses, the Anpro Solar Rose Lights are a great option as eternal flowers. They require no maintenance while looking gorgeous year round, lighting up brightly in your choice of color (pink, white, or yellow).

  • Material: plastic and metal
  • Light source: LED
  • Color: pink, white, or yellow
  • Size: 2.7 depth x 4.9 width
  • Number in package: 1, with 6 lights each

What We Loved

We love that by day they look like realistic flowers from a short distance and by night they glow with the warm, colorful light you’d hope for from a collection of solar roses.

We also love that you can choose between pink, yellow, or white, to suit your style and setting.

They last for a long time without fading, too, and keep the lights brightly lit, assuming they get enough sunlight.

The panels are attached to the stems, so they’re incredibly easy to install, as well.

Finally, we love that they have three lighting modes: always bright, fast flashing, or slow flashing. Easily adjust to suit your needs.

What We Didn’t Love

While these are beautiful, they are a little small for some settings, so be careful to look at the size before purchasing. 

The other issue is that you have to buy batteries to use in them as they recharge via sunlight each day. They require 1.2 volt batteries.

Our Verdict

If you or your loved one love roses, these are the perfect eternal light for your memorial. They offer a warm, inviting glow, come in three different colors to choose from, have three lighting modes, and are long-lasting and durable. Just be sure to purchase batteries ahead of time and verify the size of the light is suitable for your needs.

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Runners Up

Because not everyone loves roses exclusively, here are two other beautiful solar light flower options. Both are well-made, beautiful, and offer warm, glowing light.

  1. These stunning sunflowers from KITVONA are absolutely beautiful, bright, and add a unique touch.
  2. Or if you prefer lilies, these beautiful, colorful solar lights in purple or white could be the right choice.

You might also consider solar garden lights around the grave if you want a more simple look.

Benefits of Cemetery Solar Lights

If you haven’t thought about using a memorial light before, there are some benefits you may wish to consider, specifically for use of solar grave lights.

Respect and Convenience in One

Finding the right eternal light for cemetery can not only keep a light on emotionally for you as you visit and think of your loved one’s grave, but they show respect to your late loved one while also being the most convenient option out there. They don’t extinguish because of dead batteries.

A Wide Variety is Available

Whatever your loved one enjoyed most in life can probably be found, in one way or another, in the form of solar cemetery lights. You can choose one year-round option or, if that loved one was all about the holidays, you could use a solar Christmas tree for cemetery or other seasonal options.

You’ll find a range of options including things like:

  • Solar flower lights
  • Solar angel lights
  • Solar cross lights
  • Solar candles
  • Other special interest lights

Long-lasting and Low Maintenance

Cemetery vigil lights are built to last outdoors with very little – or zero – maintenance. The only thing you have to do keep them going is occasionally check the battery.

Easy to Install

Solar grave ornaments are also very easy to install. You simply turn the device on as instructed with packaging, connect the battery to the power source, and insert the light and solar panel into the soil with the provided stakes.


Solar candles for graveside or other solar cemetery lights are eco-friendly. They don’t require new batteries all the time and don’t require power grid electric of any kind.

best solar powered grave lights in cemetery

Things to Consider as You Search for the Perfect Solar Cemetery Light

When you’re ready to find the right solar grave marker for your loved one’s grave, there are some things to consider to make sure you’ll find the right solar powered grave lights. They all function about the same, but they are not all equal.

Personal Style

The first thing to consider for your graveside memorial solar lights, is your personal style and the interests and personality of your late loved ones. The variety available gives you many choices, so don’t settle on the first thing you find.

Battery Life

Another thing to consider as you choose the solar gravesite decorations is their battery life. You want to find ones that have expected long-lasting batteries to reduce your maintenance requirements and stress associated with that. You also want to make sure that the light will remain lit all night and not drop off somewhere around 2 am.

Customer Reviews

The final thing to consider with solar powered grave decorations is verifying the quality, battery life, and other things via customer reviews. Our reviews are helpful, certainly, but day-to-day bad batches can happen or manufacturers may change policies and practices. Verify recent reviews are still as positive as they were a week ago when professional reviews were created.

And if you’re purchasing on Amazon, also check the questions section just above the reviews. These questions can reveal a lot of information that may not be available otherwise.

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