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The small conveniences in life are often what make life magical on the hard days.

Especially if you have any kind of mobility issue, kids who run around like wild things, or are just plain tired after a long day at work.

One of those modern conveniences that can make all the difference is an automatic gate opener – something I never thought to try recently – that’s powered by the sun. Less fuss, less money, and easy open.

All-in-all, the best solar gate opener is a great option for making life just a little simpler.

Quick-Find Best Solar Gate Opener Table

Image Product
  • Great for single gates
  • Heavy duty for farm work
  • Includes solar panel for a full kit
  • Great for single gates
  • Heavy duty for farm work
  • Includes solar panel for a full kit
  • Great for dual gates
  • Perfect for use at home
  • Includes solar panel for a full kit
  • Great for dual gates
  • Perfect for use at home
  • Includes solar panel for a full kit
  • Commercial grade, built tough
  • Great for frequent use
  • Surprisingly quiet
  • Commercial grade, built tough
  • Great for frequent use
  • Surprisingly quiet

How Does Solar Power Work?

Solar power systems involve several components to make any appliance or device work properly. The first part of this system is the piece that most of us have seen along roadsides and placed on roofs – the solar panel.

The solar panel itself is made up of a series of photovoltaic cells – literally light power cells – which are placed in a grid pattern on solar panels. These solar cells draw in solar radiation – i.e. energy from the sun – and convert this energy into usable electricity which can be used to power electronics and appliances.

The rest of the solar power system uses devices such as solar inverters, proper wiring, and energy storage such as batteries and generators.

These pieces all work together to run either a whole household of energy or is paired down to a solar panel and inverter to recharge a single device like a solar power bank.

solar gate opener for driveways with trees lining long driveway web

How Does a Solar-Powered Gate Opener Work?

So, the next question is, how does solar power work on a gate opener?

First, let’s take a look at the components of the system.

The Control Box

The first part of the system, and possibly most obvious, is the control box. This the piece that is placed at the gate and contains the receiver, power pack, and battery. It also contains the motherboard that controls the various input devices that work within the system to run the gate.

The control box is a secure, durable piece built from hard plastic.

You can technically install the control box up to about 8-feet away from the gate itself, but the distance can be increased – if needed – by adding in an extra cable which can increase the range to about 50 feet.

Actuator Ram

The actuator makes sure the gate is held firmly in place whether it’s open or closed, and the ram can be bolted directly onto the gate, and the endpin can be replaced by a stainless-steel pin and lock to increase the security of the gate.

The actuator ram is a heavy-duty, stainless steel, corrosion resistant, powder-coated metal part with a rubber seal. The inner workings are water and grit resistant because of this design.

Solar Panels

The next piece of the puzzle for the solar-powered gate opener is, well, the solar panel. Without it, we’re just talking another electrical gadget that needs to be rigged up to the house’s electrical system.

The solar panels, as explained above, are made up of a gridwork of cells that collect and convert sun energy into usable electricity. In the case of a solar panel gate opener, this panel is connected via wire to the control box to power the system.

Be sure to position the panel in a spot that gets loads of sun to ensure your gate remains powered at all times.

Solar Battery

Finally, you need the solar battery to actually power the whole system. This is typically going to be a standard 12-Volt DC battery. The solar panels power your gate opener and the leftover energy is stored in the battery for use after dark or on low-light days.

How to Choose the Right Solar-Powered Automatic Gate Opener

Before we dive into our solar gate opener review list, let’s remember to keep a few things in mind as you decide for yourself which solar sliding gate opener is right for your situation.

Always Read the Reviews

While we’re providing you with a ton of information on each item we suggest for your consideration, reviews change from week to week due to more and more people making purchases and installing equipment at home.

Usually, this is just a small part of our research, as we like to get a little bit more “into the weeds” than just trusting what some random reviewer has to say.

However, for items like this with moving parts and a high quality being necessary, it’s really helpful to see if there are any trends that show up in consumer reviews.

Check the current reviews on any given device and weigh and compare new information with old reviews that may be on a slightly different model or an updated version of the same option.

Be sure to look through the lowest scored reviews and the highest rated reviews to see what people are really saying about a product. Then, compare that information to reliable sources and the other reviews.

One or two people may have a bad experience with a given product, but that could very likely be a lemon or a fluke in mislabeling or improper shipping. If the majority of the reviews are good, then you’re probably looking at a solid, quality product. If they’re mostly poor, move on to the next choice.

Now, we obviously do all of this work for you, but it’s always nice to have that second layer of feedback to make sure we’re not full of it!!

Always Check the Weight Rating

Before you choose a solar-powered driveway gate kit, be sure to make sure it’s rated for the weight of your gate.

The immediate description at the top of the product page should give you this information, but you can also find it below for each of our recommendations.

Always See What’s Included

You may find yourself looking at a solar-powered gate opener with keypad but discover there’s no solar panel included.

Or, the opposite may be true.

Be sure to verify the product you’re purchasing has everything you need or that you can locate the additional items necessary to power your solar-powered residential gate operator setup.

We cover this for each product below.

How We Chose the Best Solar Gate Opener Options

Alright so we covered the ways you might want to double check our work, so let’s get into how we actually did the work.

There are dozens and dozens of options out there for these devices – however, most come from the same five or six manufacturers. Mighty Mule, Ghost Controls, and a few of the others are well-known, while others are lesser known.

Since manufacturer reputation is important on devices like this – especially because of the safety and security issues involved – it was easy to be drawn to the options from companies we already knew. I wanted to look into some others, though, and when I did, I found a few other options among the most popular choices that also look good.

So, from these, I created a list of about 50 options. I immediately knocked out any from brand new companies with no online presence, any from companies without decent ratings from customers, and any that had significantly low ratings. This brought this list down to the final dozen pretty quickly.

I then reviewed the dozen remaining to see which the best options are.

You’ll notice that they have different ratings from medium to heavy-duty, et cetera, come with different components – some are full kits while others do not include the solar panels – and other features that make them stand out from each other.

They are, in essence, very similar otherwise, which makes them hard to categorize beyond high-quality and duty-rating.

Our hope is that this list of the best solar gate opener choices will give you the info you need to decide which is best for your situation.

Our Reviews of the Best Solar Gate Openers

From all of our research, understanding of solar, and our own reviewing of the options, these are the best solar gate opener choices currently available on the market.

#1. Ghost Controls TSS1XP Heavy-Duty Kit (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

Ghost Controls TSS1XP Heavy-Duty Solar Single Automatic Gate Opener Kit review

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The number one choice among real-life users and the vast majority of reviewers – including us – is the Ghost Controls TSS1XP Heavy-Duty solar gate opener for swing gates. This automatic gate opener kit comes in options for both single and dual swing gates.

(Please read the separate review for the dual gate kit below.)

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Controller: Yes
  • Weight Rating: Up to 300 pounds
  • Battery: Not included
  • Solar Panel Included: Yes
  • Keypad Included: Not included
  • Remote Included: Yes
  • Panel Wattage: 10 watt solar panel
  • Gate Type: single non-solid panel swing gates
  • Safety Features: SafeForce Technology
  • Kit Includes: gate opener arm with 6-foot cable, 10W panel, system control box with controller, mounting brackets and fasteners, 3-button transmitter, resettable transformer, battery harness, warning placards & documentation and installation manual
  • Bonus features: specialty settings for controller

This kit works for swing gates that weigh up to 300-pounds and are up to 20-feet long. It’s quiet and easy-to-install and comes with a do-it-yourself instruction manual.

The gate needs a 12-volt rechargeable battery to store the power (which you need to buy separately), while the opener itself is optimized for use with tube gates, though it works for any non-solid panel gate within the size and weight limits.

The gate opener is fast – which we love – so you don’t have to sit around for half an hour waiting on it like the old days. It also has a much longer range for remote opening from farther away, which means you can get it open even faster if you’re really in a hurry.

Plus, the whole setup is incredibly durable and built to last for many years to come. For example, it works great on farms and is built specifically for these heavy-duty applications.

This solar gate opener kit come with a few bonus features including SafeForce Technology that limits the amount of force that the opener will exert to move a gate, which means it avoids injury to people and animals. The system also allows you to use a few different modes including:

  • Party mode
  • 1Key
  • Party mode secure
  • Zombiecode
  • Vacation mode

The gate opener comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor and gear assembly and 18-month warranty of remaining parts which can be extended to 24-months through online registration.

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#2. Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Kit – Best Heavy-Duty Dual Gate Opener

Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Swing Gates review

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Apparently, Ghost Controls is pretty darn good at what they do – and that’s why we’re ranking another one of their solar gate openers on our list of the best openers on the market.

This particular kit is for use with dual-gate setups, which means the specs and features are just a bit different from the single-gate kit above.

The Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty kit is rated for dual gates that, in combination, weigh up to 900-pounds.

But here’s the full breakdown:

  • Controller: Yes
  • Weight Rating: Up to 900-pounds and up to 20-foot gate
  • Battery: Not included
  • Solar Panel Included: Yes
  • Keypad Included: Not included
  • Remote Included: Yes
  • Panel Wattage: 10W solar panel
  • Gate Type: Dual, non-solid panel swing gates
  • Safety Features: SafeForce Technology
  • Kit Includes: gate opener arm with 6-foot cable, 10W panel, system control box with controller, mounting brackets and fasteners, 3-button transmitter, resettable transformer, battery harness, warning placards & documentation and installation manual
  • Bonus features: specialty settings for controller

This system also includes the settings available with the single-gate system:

  • Party mode
  • 1Key
  • Party mode secure
  • Zombiecode
  • Vacation mode

The dual-gate setup is designed to withstand much heftier loads, rougher usage, and more intense weather, with three times the strength of the single gate kit.

The kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the motor and gear assembly, and 18-months on the remainder parts with an extended 24-month warranty if you register your kit online.

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#3. TOPENS AD5S Automatic Dual-Gate Opener – Best Medium-Duty Dual Gate Opener (and Best for Residential)

TOPENS AD5S Solar Automatic Swing Gate Opener for Dual Swing Gate review

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

For folks who don’t have the gigantic gate that requires moving half a ton of weight, the TOPENS AD5S solar gate opener is your best bet for dual gates. They work perfectly for gates with combined weight up to 550-pounds and no longer than 16-feet.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Controller: Yes
  • Weight Rating: Up to 550-pounds, 16-feet in length
  • Battery: Not included
  • Solar Panel Included: Yes
  • Keypad Included: Not included
  • Remote Included: Yes
  • Panel Wattage: 20W (2 x 10W)
  • Gate Type: dual swing gates
  • Safety Features: soft start/stop, emergency release, max motor control
  • Kit Includes: 2 opener actuators, 2 remote controls, 1 control box, 1 transformer, 2 emergency release keys, 4 warning signs, 1 solar charge controller, 2 solar panels (10w), full set installation hardware, 2 extra brackets, and instruction manual.

The TOPENS kit is a super easy to install DIY kit that just about anybody can handle. If, by chance, you’re having issues though, they have great 24-hour customer support who can assist with installation questions.

This solar dual swing gate opener complete system has advanced microchip rolling codes with a 4-button remote transmitter that help ensure your property’s security. The system stops the gate from moving to avoid safety issues, and is suitable for a wide type of gates including:

  • Tubular
  • Wooden
  • Solid panel
  • Vinyl
  • Steel

The system requires a marine or automotive battery – not included – which will hold your power for ages. You can set up the system with an auto-close with anywhere from 0 to 100 seconds, which makes it super convenient, and works with gates that swing in or out.

The control box prevents your gate opener from running against forces it can’t handle for safety, with a maximum motor rate of MRT 40 second. The opener also has a soft start/stop function for the protection of your gate and vehicles, along with an emergency release key in case of malfunction or zero power.

The kit includes everything you need except the battery, so once you receive the kit, you’re ready to install whenever you’re ready.

For most residential applications with two gates, this is your best bet.

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#4. OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener AC600 – Best Solar Opener for Extra-Large Sliding Gates

OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener AC600 revierw

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

For an ultra-heavy-duty gate opener capable of working with loads up to 1400 pounds, you definitely want to check out the OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener AC600. This sucker is built to last, built to move, and built to endure some extreme weather.

But first, the breakdown:

  • Controller: No
  • Weight Rating: Up to 1400-pounds
  • Battery: No
  • Solar Panel Included: Not included
  • Keypad Included: No
  • Remote Included: Yes (2)
  • Panel Wattage: N/A
  • Gate Type: sliding gates
  • Safety Features: Object detection/stop, adjustable soft/slow stop
  • Kit Includes: opener unit, 2 manual release keys, 20-feet chain, two remote controls, mounting hardware, and installation parts, owner’s manual
  • Bonus features: pedestrian mode

The OrangeA opener comes with two remote controls and the gate itself moves up to 43-feet per minute. It uses 100V AC current, which means you’ll need a solar inverter capable of this power. This system is compatible with solar but is not full solar kit.

You will need to purchase a solar panel.

We recommend the Ghost Controls AXDP or the EcoWorthy 10W Panel for this.

The gate opener is capable of moving gates that weigh up to 1400-pounds and are up to 40-feet tall. This means this massive opener is perfect for large industrial and commercial sites, as well as extra-large gates at farms or ranches.

The opener is easy-to-install and easily compatible with the various other accessories, including the rest of the solar gear needed to have a fully sun-powered setup.

The control has a 100-feet range, and the opener itself is rated to low temperatures of -4 degrees and up to 122-degrees Fahrenheit.

The four-button control can be used to open, close, stop, or allow the use of the Pedestrian mode for convenient walking only passage. The kit also has an auto-close function that can be set for 12, 24, or 36 seconds to make sure everyone gets through properly. You can, of course, disable this function as well.

The gate system is very quiet – especially for such a forceful device – and takes only about 15-seconds to open. You can use the included remote 100-feet out for difficult or time-dependent situations or install a keypad for use by others.

The opener also has an adjustable soft open/slow stop function that enhances safety of people, animals, and equipment, while the emergency release key allows you to open the gate manually in case of a power outage or emergency.

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#5. Mighty Mule MM562 Automatic Gate Opener for Dual Gates – Best Residential Solar Opener for DIYers

Mighty Mule MM562 Automatic Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Dual Swing Gates

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

If you’ve got a dual swing gate at home you’re looking to this Mighty Mule solar gate opener. It’s a hefty, heavy-duty gate opener that can endure one heck of a load at 850-pounds limit. It’s incredibly easy to install, so anybody wanting to upgrade their gate opener can do it.

And the breakdown:

  • Controller: Yes
  • Weight Rating: Up to 850-pounds and 18-feet
  • Battery: Yes
  • Solar Panel Included: No
  • Keypad Included: No
  • Remote Included: Yes
  • Panel Wattage: N/A
  • Gate Type: single or dual swing
  • Safety Features: soft start/stop, dual sense technology, auto stop/start with alarm
  • Kit Includes: remote, AC transformer, 12-volt battery, control box, instruction DVD & manual, all required hardware

The Mighty Mule MM562 has dual sense technology that meets all the safety standards and then some. It prevents your gate from opening under too much stress or pressure and prevents the gate from opening on blockages and obstructions.

The gate is designed for gates up to 18-feet in length and 850-pounds in weight and comes equipped with all the instructions you need – along with an installation DVD and unlimited 24-7 tech support – to help you get this installed comfortably, safely, and quickly.

The gate opener works for all gate types, making it perfect for home use, including:

  • Chain link
  • Ornamental
  • Tubular
  • Panel
  • Vinyl
  • Wood

The kit includes everything you need to install, including the battery and control box, but you’ll need to purchase a separate solar panel for the full setup.

The Mighty Mule EZgo-solar kit and the Mighty Mule MM360 are also great choices, but this was our top pick.

The kit comes with an 18-month warranty and full access to the tech support. The gate opener has automatic open/close settings with an alarm, soft start and stop functions, and a control box specially designed to save the life of your battery.

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#6. USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300 – Best Commercial Grade Solar Swing Gate Opener

Overall Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars

The USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300 is just about the toughest heavy-duty, commercial grade gate opener out there.

It works on gates up to 20-feet long at up to 250-pounds. This heavy-duty, commercial-grade gate is incredibly durable and can really take a hard-knock existence, making it perfect for large farms, factories, and other settings where a gate opener gets used tons and might have a rough life.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Controller: No
  • Weight Rating: Up to 250-pounds
  • Battery: No
  • Solar Panel Included: No
  • Keypad Included: No
  • Remote Included: No
  • Panel Wattage: N/A
  • Gate Type: Swing
  • Safety Features: N/A
  • Kit Includes: all mounting hardware, 2 transmitters, 1 battery charger, AC transformer for battery charging, installation DVD, installation & owner’s manual, control box, and linear actuator.

The USAutomatic company had DIYers in mind specifically for this solar-powered commercial grade gate opener.

It’s made in the USA, powered by a 12-volt DC battery – not included in the kit – that can be charged either through solar power or standard electricity.

The kit includes an AC-transformer or you can purchase a solar panel – like the EcoWorthy 10W Panel – to keep it completely off-the-grid.

The kit is designed for energy efficiency, even in low-light situations for up to two weeks without additional charging. The wiring harness eliminates your need for wiring things up and makes your installation process super easy and quick. The brackets that come with the kit allow your swing gate to either open in or push out, depending on what your needs are.

The open/close time is usually about 16-seconds and doesn’t change much under different weights.

The kit comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s limited warranty that covers repairs or replacements of defective products.

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How to Install a Solar Gate Opener

Your solar-powered gate opener should come with the full instructions with detailed step-by-steps for installing the opener. But a quick rundown of basically what you’ll do looks like this:

  1. Gather your supplies and tools. Make sure you have all the screwdrivers, wrenches or other tools on hand, along with any safety equipment you need. We’d recommended protective eyewear and work gloves.
  2. Assess the position of the gate opener. Figure out exactly where the opener should be placed. It should be inside the fence line and should be positioned near the center line of the gate.
  3. Next, you’ll mount the post bracket assembly.
  4. Then, you’ll install the opener arm.
  5. Next, you’ll install the mount closed position stop plates.
  6. The installation of the control box happens at this point.
  7. Now, you’ll connect the battery wires and the power cable.
  8. Then, you’ll connect everything to the solar panel as required.
  9. Finally, you’ll connect the battery in both the solar-powered opener and the remote.

At this stage, you’ll do the various tests you need to verify everything is connected and working properly on prompt. You’ll also do the programming with codes, any auto-close times, and place the warning signs around the gated area.

Why Use Solar Power for a Gate Opener?

Of course, the big question is, why use a solar-powered automatic gate opener over a standard electric one?

There are a number of reasons to go solar, so you may wish to examine these – as well as a few cons – before finalizing your decision on which gate opener to go with.

Eco-Friendly Use

First off, the use of solar-powered devices is eco-friendly. You don’t need to use electricity from the grid, but instead, use the completely renewable energy source of solar radiation.

This means no emissions, no additional waste, and no using up fossil fuels to power your gate opener.

Long-term Savings

Another reason to use solar-powered devices like a solar gate opener is that you will save money in the long run.

First off, solar gate openers are about the same price as standard electric gate openers, so there’s not necessarily much of a price difference in the initial set up. The time this would be different is if you’re getting a high-end opened that does not include a solar panel, since the panel will likely add about $100-$200 extra for the up-front costs.

Secondly, because you’re using renewable solar energy, you’re not paying anything to keep the gate opener running.

Thirdly, because you don’t need to run electrical wiring out to your gate for a solar gate opener, you don’t have to hire anyone to do the electrical work for you.

Finally, you’ll have about the same kinds of repairs and maintenance costs as you would with a standard gate opener, or less. All you have to do with solar is check connections, clean the solar panel, and let go.

All-in-all, you’ll spend about the same – or less – upfront with setting up the new solar kit and less in the long-run.

steel security gates best solar gate opener

Remote Use

If you have a secondary property that you’re not always working out of, you may especially wish to consider solar for your electronics – especially any outdoor-only pieces like a solar gate opener.

When you’re away from your hunting lodge or vacation cabin, you aren’t using electricity. Using solar power means you can keep things running year-round, as needed, without wasting the costs and energy from a power grid.

The use of solar power also means that you won’t have to figure out how to plug in the power, et cetera, when you do return to your remote property. Whether that’s lights or a gate opener, that ability to already have power up and running can be pretty critical for a number of situations.

Easy Installation

Solar powered devices are easy to install. You put the pieces in, rig them together, and you’re done. You don’t have to run a power line from the house or cabin – you’re just done.

This also means that just about anyone can do it – which is handy for those of us who don’t know much about electrical work.

Easy Access to Power

Not only are solar gate openers easy to install, but they’re easier for folks who have a long driveway.

The longer the drive, the longer the distance from the house and power connections. Since solar doesn’t require connection to the main power source on the property – or any power source save the solar panel, for that matter! – you have a much easier to use system overall.

You don’t have to hire an electrician, and you don’t have to dig trenches to bury wires or run new poles. You just connect and go.

Long Lasting Power

When you use a standard power gate opener, you have to change out the battery every 60-days or so. With a solar gate opener, however, you’re good to go until you have to replace a part of the system.

But most systems are rated to last a decade or more, and most solar panels are built for 25+ years of use. And since the battery is recharged by the sun, it will still have the juice to keep the gate opening, even on low-light days or at night after several days of limited sunlight.

So, you pretty much won’t have to ever worry about whether or not your battery is going to work.

What Can Solar Gate Openers Be Used For?

There are several places that solar gate openers can be used. Residential, commercial, and industrial settings would benefit if they have any of the following types of gates:

  • Boom gate operators
  • Sliding gates
  • Single swing gates
  • Dual swing gates

Are Solar Gates Safe and Reliable?

Despite the technology for solar power being around since the 19th Century – and long before that, really – a lot of people still seem to be on the fence on whether or not solar power is efficient and reliable enough to use at home or at their business.

Solar power is a reliable energy source except in a few situations.

  • Extreme low light – this may be seasonal like the 6 months of “darkness” in places like the far north of Russia
  • Improper placement of solar panels in heavy shade
  • Unmaintained solar panels and inverters

Beyond these, solar power is one of the most reliable and safest means of energy production that can be used around the home, especially on small devices like a gate opener that isn’t in constant use.

Where Do You Find Solar Gate Openers?

You can find solar-powered gate openers in a wide range of places, including the most convenient shopping spot of all: Amazon. The price range will vary widely depending on where you purchase them, the quality of the materials used, et cetera, but generally, you’ll find the best prices online.

There are, however, some physical stores that will price match to help pull in your business from online-only shopping. If you have a favorite local retailer you’ve purchased other solar devices from, they may well be willing to work with you for a better price, but I never count on it.

Installation and Configuration of Your Solar Gate Opener

There are a variety of configurations for your actuator ram – the portion of the opener that actually functions as the gate opener – which work different ways.

For example, there’s the pull to open installation method – the most common with gates that swing into the property or driveway – or the push to open configuration – useful for sloping driveways that need the gate to swing in for the best momentum.

You’ll need to decide for yourself what the best setup is for your situation, but most solar-powered electric gate openers will come with full, illustrated instructions on how to set them up.

Now You’re Ready to Get That Opener Installed

Now that you’ve learned heaps about solar-powered gate openers, and read a few reviews, you should be ready to choose the right kit and get things installed shortly. Remember to purchase any additional components for the system – such as batteries, solar panels for non-kits, or keypads – and have everything gathered up and ready before you start your install.

And while almost anyone can DIY the install of a solar gate opener, you can always hire a contractor if you’re not feeling confident in the process. Your solar-powered gate openers driveway installation is as easy as that.

Before you buy, though, make sure you check the current reviews, review all the specifications – like the weight of your gate compared the designed use of the opener – and whether or not the kit includes a solar panel. Not every kit is created equal, even if the quality and rating are high.

FAQs about Solar Gate Openers

How many watts does a solar panel for a gate opener need to be?

Since we’re talking a fairly low power need, you should be fine with a 10-watt panel or thereabouts. Anything more – like a 100-watt panel – would be unnecessary and a bit of an overkill. Gate openers don’t use a ton of power, so the battery just needs to be charged and remain charged to keep the opener working whenever needed.

Do solar gate openers work in winter?

Yes, solar gate openers work in the wintertime. The only exception to this would be in a location that receives no sunlight during the winter. In these locations, you would have to rely on charged batteries throughout the season.

What’s the difference between “duty” ratings for a gate opener? Why do I need heavy-duty?

The “duty” ratings for gate openers, whether solar or standard power, is the amount of weight and force that the opener can handle. A heavy-duty opener will be able to handle heavier loads – like a 300-pounds gate – while a standard duty will have to have a much lighter workload. Each gate opener should offer the weight rating to help you understand what the given opener can handle.

Can I use a non-solar gate opener with a solar panel?

Before purchasing your solar dual gate opener, be sure that it either includes a solar panel or is distinctly marked as solar compatible. Some search engines produce results that lump together all gate openers, including some that are not solar compatible. If the opener is usable with solar power, it will be marked clearly.

That being said, technically nearly any gate opener may be compatible with solar power. However, you would need different components for the setup and may wind up spending significantly more money to set up a standard gate opener with solar power.

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